Wok Stars™ Lemongrass Qt


Cymbopogon flexuosus
A wonderful lemon-scented grass used regularly in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. The flavor can best be described as “lemony with hints of ginger”. A long thick grass with leaves at the top and a solid portion several inches long at the root end lemon grass is a culinary delight. To harvest, slice a stalk off near the root, peel back the outer layers and chop the white part as you would a scallion, and add to soups, sauces or stews. You can also use the sturdier stalks as skewers when you grill, or chop the leaves into tea or soups. Lemon grass can reach about 4 feet in height, and has a beautiful, full growth habit, providing a wonderful accent for your garden.
Chef Jeff’s tip: Wait to cut back dead foliage until early spring since the dead foliage will provide the plant with protection against harsh temperatures.

Full Sun
Height to 4′

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