Wok Stars™ – Edamame Pt


Edamame is nature’s perfect supplement; it is high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. This soybean is grown the same as a bush bean but the pods are harvested all at the same time. When the beans are almost touching one another inside the pod, and the raw beans taste mild and sweet, the edamame is ready to harvest. The easiest way to harvest them is to pull the entire plant then pick off the pods.

Harvest the entire plant in the cool of the morning and strip all the leaves. Pods last longer when attached to branches, and can be refrigerated for 7-10 days. If you wish to keep longer, blanch 2-3 minutes in boiling water and freeze.
Full Sun
Plant 3-4″ Apart in Rows 20-36” Apart
90 Days Average to Maturity

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