Weeping Cherry Tree Ornamental 6′-8′ 15 Gal


Picture represents mature plant.

The Pink Weeping Cherry tree is perfect for a focal point in your landscape. Offering beauty, grace, flower abundance, and shade, the Weeping Cherry is a spectacular addition to any home. This low maintenance tree adds immeasurable value to your home.

Key Features:

The Pink Weeping Cherry is a unique ornamental cherry tree with weeping branches.
This flowering tree blooms heavily in the spring. You will enjoy a tree loaded with gorgeous pink blooms.
Adaptable and hardy, while the Pink Weeping Cherry is so showy it looks difficult to care for, it is actually quite easy to grow!
The Weeping Cherry is the longest lived flowering cherry tree. So generations to come will appreciate the beauty of your Pink Weeping Cherry tree!
The Pink Weeping Cherry Tree is a specialized ornamental tree in high demand, and we have a limited supply. Order yours today before they’re gone!

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