Veronica Purplegum Candles 1Gal

SKU: Verpurpgum1g

Veronica Purplegum Candles has beautiful flower spikes with bright purple flowers. Purplegum Candles has a longer flowering period than other Veronica and gives flowers from late spring to autumn. Remove faded flower spikes for rebloom. Blooms in the first year! Purplegum Candles is compact, has an ascending growth with strength stems and becomes about 14″ high and 10″ wide. This healthy, strong plant demands low maintenance. Give Purplegum Candles a spot in the perennial border or on the balcony or terrace and enjoy the many bees and butterfly that will come to it. Also very suitable for mass planting. Plant Purplegum Candles preferably in the sun or semi-shade in a moist but well-drained soil.

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