Veronica First Love 1 Gallon

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A brilliant little dwarf First Love Veronica (Speedwell) (Veronica longifolia ‘Alllove’) creates vibrant spires of tiny flowers that cluster tightly together around a tapered stem! The dark pink “candles” arrive, and they wave above a compact mound of glossy green leaves. So bright and colorful, these magenta-pink bottlebrushes last all summer!

Flowering from the bottom up First Love Veronica is a vibrant bloom highlighted by the mounds of dark green foliage. The nectar-rich blooms call pollinators and Hummingbirds in droves! The flower spikes appear all summer and provide you with lovely cut flowers for your bouquets.

Also known as Speedwell, First Love is very miniature, low-maintenance, and comes back every year. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 4-9. Growing to 10-12 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide. Still forming an upright focal point, these space-saving herbaceous perennials are usually passed over by rabbits or deer.

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