VEG Squash Prem. Zephyr (Summer) Pt


This vigorous, high yielding plant produces an abundance of slightly crooked neck yellow squash with an attractive pale lime green blossom end. Skin of this bi-color squash is thin, shiny and waxy, the flesh is tender and mild with a sweet, mild nutty flavor. Zephyr can be harvested at varying stages of maturity; five to seven inches will produce the best taste and texture. Flowers are edible and great stuffed and fried. The squash can be sliced, sauteed, fried, grilled and is great in any dish that calls for zucchini or summer squash.

Weather can affect the color and pattern of the squash, high heat or lack of water cause the amount of green coloring to vary, in warmer weather faint white stripes may appear in the yellow field.

Full Sun
Plant 24-36″ Apart
55 Days Average to Maturity

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