VEG Shallots Pt


Shallots have a mild taste that combines the flavor of a
sweet onion with a touch of garlic, they are rarely hot
and are a good substitute for onions in recipes where a
milder flavor is desired. Shallots can be used whenever
green onions are called for and the green leaves of
shallots can be used like chives. Easy to grow and one bulb will produce a cluster of 5-1 O cloves. Plant will produce blooms on a long stiff stalk, it’s best to remove these to provide more energy to the bulb. Harvest when the leaf stalks start to tum yellow and wilt. Use a spade to gently litt the entire clump from the ground.
Allow bulbs to dry in a cool dry area.

Full Sun
Height 16-18″
Plant 4-6′ Apart
120 Days Average to Harvest

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