VEG – Potato Heir. – Irish Cobbler Qt


This Heirloom variety has earned the nickname of
“Old Reliable” due its dependable garden performance dating back to 1876. It produces round, buff-skinned, medium sized potatoes with white flesh and its claim to fame is it’s the best for making mashed potatoes. The large showy spreading plant is attractive in the garden with lilac tipped white flowers.

Hill soil around the plant when it is about 12″ tall to cover any tubers near the surface. Harvest when the vines start to die back. Brush off dirt but don’t wash as being wet may cause tubers to rot. Air dry in a cool dark place. Highly resistant to potato wart and potato virus A.

Full Sun
Plant in Hills 9-12″ Apart in Rows 3′ Apart
65-85 Days Average to Maturity

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