VEG Potato Heir. French Fingerling Qt


“Fingerling” is a term used to describe long, thin-skinned finger-like potatoes. Thin smooth, rose-colored, edible skin, and yellow flesh with pink patterning, it has a creamy texture and a sweet nutty flavor. They’re good baked, boiled, fried, mashed, in salads or any other way you care to serve them.

Plant 12″ apart and as the plant gets taller hill up the soil around the base of the plant to cover any tubers near the surface. Give vines room to spread, to develop foliage that gives plant more vigor. Harvest when the vines start to die back. Brush off dirt but don’t wash as being wet may cause tubers to rot. Air dry in a cool dark place.

Full Sun
Height 24-36″
Plant 12″ Apart in Hills in Rows 30-36″ Apart
80-100 Days Average to Maturity

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