VEG – Pepper – Red Beauty Pt


Red Beauty is an early, prolific variety bearing very sweet thick walled peppers that are high in Vitamins A and C. The large glossy green fruit turns bright red when mature. Use this tasty pepper raw, red or green, to add color and crunch to pasta, chicken or tossed salads. Add to cooked dishes and stir fries or stuff with meat and rice for a one dish meal. Serve cut up pepper slices with a dip for a snack or appetizer. Add pepper pieces to shish kebobs, the peppers take on a smoky flavor when charred over a flame. This versatile 4 inch, 4 lobed thick walled pepper grows on sturdy 18 inch tall plants.

Full Sun
Height 18″
Space 18″ Apart
75 Days Average to Maturity

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