VEG – Pepper Prem. – Tabasco Pt


This is the fiery hot pepper that has made Tabasco sauce famous! The light yellow-green peppers turn red when mature and grow on tall plants. It is the only chili variety whose fruits are juicy and not dry on the inside. Tabasco sauce is made from this pepper, vinegar, and salt. Tabasco sauce adds zest to numerous dishes and is an essential ingredient in Bloody Mary cocktails. This plant is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. The “heat” of this pepper ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 on the Scoville scale. Tabasco Peppers grow equally well in the garden or in pots on your sunny deck or patio.

30,000-50,000 Scovilles

Full Sun
Plant 18″ Apart
80-90 Days Average to Maturity

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