VEG – Pepper Extreme – Carolina Reaper Pt


This pepper at over 2.2 million Scoville units has been called the hottest pepper in the world to date, pushing Scorpion to 2nd place. A cross of the Ghost Pepper and red Habanero, the 2-3 inch bright red, with a rough surface, peppers taper to a sharp point that looks like a long stinger. Although really insanely hot this pepper, before the heat kicks in, has an underlying sweet flavor, fruity with a hint of cinnamon with chocolate undertones. Keep milk nearby and hope it soothes the burn in your mouth and throat. Use caution when touching these peppers, wear gloves lo protect your hands from the burn when planting, harvesting and using. Throw the gloves away after using.
2,200,000 Scovilles

Grower and retailer of this plant are not responsible for injury. Handle and eat at your own risk

Full Sun
Height 36-48″
Space 24-36″ Apart
Wear gloves when handling

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