VEG Artichoke ‘Imperial Star’ Qt


Artichoke Green Globe is a tasty perennial vegetable Harvest First Year Imperial Star unlike other varieties is a first-year bearing variety that will yield 3-4″ buds in late summer. The sweet mild flavored, mostly green with a tinge of purple flower buds are nearly spineless for easier harvesting. . Boil or steam the chokes and peel off the meaty petals to dip in butter or Hollandaise sauce, then remove the “choke” and reveal a tender core that’s absolutely delicious. Artichokes are also as elegant addition to salads steamed and dressed with vinegar, olive oil and herbs.

Chef Jeff’s Tip: Store artichokes in a paper bag in the refrigerator to increase humidity and avoid drying them out.
Full Sun
Height to 2-4′
Plant 4-6′ Apart
80-90 Days to Maturity

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