VEG Sweet Potato Treasure Island Makatea 6″


This sweet potato is a treasure, it’s a good- looking ornamental that has edible foliage and root. It combines the best of the ornamental sweet potato and the edible sweet potato. The vibrant yellow green, trailing, heart shaped leaves add color to the landscape and are an excellent addition to mixed salads or on sandwiches. Dig up the roots for 5 or more sweet potatoes with orange skin and sweet white flesh that’s a good source of vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidants. Delicious cooked, blended into smoothies, juiced or grated like a carrot and added to salads. Harvest potatoes in the fall after the leaves turn yellow and wither.

Full Sun
Height 13-18″
Plant in Hills in Rows 2-3′ Apart
90-95 Days Average to Maturity

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