Patio Galore Tomato Slicer 8″ SQUARE


Let me introduce you to a tomato with a new twist on an old standard. This tomato produces popular and well known large beefsteak-type fruits on plants that are compact and bushy. If you have a limited space garden, fruit size and yield don’t have to be sacrificed with this tomato! Bright glossy red 4-6 oz. fruits can average 20-30 per plant. Easily grow your Tomatoes Galore™ plant right in this very container and simply set it on your patio or deck as an attractive, edible centerpiece. You can also replant it in patio tubs, window boxes, grow-bags, or in gardens with other compact vegetables.

Full Sun
Height 16-18″
Plant 2-3′ Apart
60 Days to Maturity

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