Nine Bark Summer Wine Proven Winner Physocarpus 3 Gal


Picture represents mature plant.

The Summer Wine® Ninebark is an outstanding choice to add bold color and rich texture to any style of landscape. Plant as a specimen or focal plant or add to a mixed bed or garden. The purple leaves are a superb contrast to any plant, green, blue, or yellow. This dwarf Ninebark is the perfect centerpiece plant to build around.

Try a hedge, border, or mass planting for a unique and colorful look. This Ninebark looks beautiful paired with Junipers, Gold Mop Cypress, and grasses in rustic, cottage, and rock gardens. The Summer Wine is a great option for containers. Trim foliage and flowers for cut flower arrangements.

This Ninebark thrives in full sun and is extremely adaptable to even poor soils including alkaline and acidic soils. When planting, avoid crowding your Summer Wine® Ninebark. They perform best with good air circulation Once established, Ninebarks are drought tolerant. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer (like the one we carry) in spring and when planting for best results. If you want to prune your Ninebark do so immediately after flowering ceases.

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