Lavender Phenomenal Lavendula 1 Gal


Lavandula intermedia ‘Phenomenal’ PP24193 (French Hybrid Lavender) is notable for its outstanding cold hardiness and ability to grow in climates with extreme heat and humidity. The plant is a medium-sized grower with nice gray-green foliage and blooms with purple flowers on tall stems in mid-summer. Discovered by a commercial herb grower in Pennsylvania, this cultivar has been grown successfully across much of the country where it has been found to be more tolerant of moisture and high humidity. ‘Phenomenal’ Lavender is a zone more cold-hardy than most other French hybrid lavenders and is reliably hardy to zone 5. It has survived in zone 4 gardens if planted in a protected area. Drought tolerant once established. Prune after flowering and before the end of September to keep compact.

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