Hydrangea Tardiva 3 Gal


Pictures represent mature shrub.

The Tardiva White Hydrangea is a spectacular shrub with large, conical flower heads that erupt from the foliage in mid-summer and will stay with you right into winter. Most garden shrubs flower in spring and early summer, so by late summer there may not be much in bloom. At that time this stunning hydrangea is just getting started! Its brilliant white flowers will give a real lift to your late-season garden that just keeps on giving.

Hardy to minus 40 degrees
Gorgeous huge flower clusters from mid-summer to early winter
Easily grown in ordinary garden soil
Pest and disease free
Great background shrub or specimen in your garden
As if that was not enough, the great news is that this shrub is hardy to minus 40, so if you live too far north for ‘regular’ hydrangeas, then this is a great choice. If you already have ordinary hydrangeas, then this a great shrub for variety and late-flowering, needing none of the fancy pruning and watering that other hydrangeas need.

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