Holly Nellie Stevens Ilex 30 Gal


Pictures represent mature trees.

The Nellie Stevens Holly Tree is a cross between the English Holly and the Chinese Holly. It has a naturally dense, broad, pyramidal shape. The leaves are glossy with a deep, dark green color that lasts all year long.

This Holly Tree produces very discrete white flowers in the springtime, allowing the tree to pollinate and yield an abundance of red berries in the winter. The natural beauty of the red berries against the glossy, dark green leaves is hard to beat especially in a barren winter landscape. Look for orange-red berries in late summer.

The Nellie Stevens Holly is a low-maintenance evergreen shrub. It can be sheared for a more manicured look or you can just let it grow naturally.

Nellie Stevens Hollies can get up to 25 feet tall and about 8-10 feet wide. It adapts well in most weather conditions, including extreme shade or drought. The Nellie Stevens is a very hardy tree that grows in slightly acidic soils but will adapt to most soils.

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