Holly Blue Princess Ilex 15″-18″


‘Blue Princess’ holly (Ilex × meserveae ‘Blue Princess’) is a female cultivar of the blue holly evergreen shrub and commonly used as a landscape specimen plant or hedge shrub. When pollinated by its male counterpart, ‘Blue Prince’, it produces bright red berries in the wintertime and is frequently used as a winter holiday decoration.

‘Blue Princess’ has a moderate growth rate compared to other hollies, adding one to two feet per year. Its leaves are glossy, dark green with a bluish cast and moderately spiny. The inconspicuous flowers bloom in the spring and are followed by bright red berries that remain on the shrub into winter. The best time for planting is in the early fall, though spring planting can also work in colder regions. Warm climates benefit from fall planting, so the roots have time to develop before the summer heat arrives.

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