HERB Rosemary Barbeque Pt


Rosmarinus officinalis
This aromatic herb has dark green foliage, resembling curved pine needles, which can be used fresh or dried. When grilling, I cut whole stems off of the plant and strip the leaves, using them for flavorful Shish Kebob spears! Or tie some leafy twigs together and use them to brush barbecue sauces or marinades on your meat. Before taking you meat off of the fire toss the stems on the coals to add an extra burst of flavor. Edible, misty blue flowers are lovely in mixed salads. Save old Rosemary stems for bitter cold days and throw them on your winter fire for an aromatic, smoky essence! Create a Mediterranean feel by planting Rosemary in decorative containers on your deck or patio. Before the first frost, bring your potted plant indoors and place in a bright, well-lit location.
Full Sun
Height 36-48″
Spread 21-36″

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