FRUIT Pumpkin Jack Be Little Pt


This true miniature pumpkin easily fits into the palm of your hand, measuring 3-4 inches across and 2 inches high. The color is an attractive deep orange. The tasty flesh is as sweet as winter squash when cooked. Just scoop out the center, steam or bake, refill and serve smothered with butter or brown sugar. Or serve pumpkin soup using the shells as soup dishes. It also makes an attractive accent for fall centerpieces – great to paint and decorate. Harvest before the first light frost or when the pumpkin foliage begins to dry out.

Chef Jeff’s tip: Cut the mature Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin from the vines with pruning shears leaving 3 inches of stem attached

Full Sun
Plant 3-4′ Apart
100 Days Average to Maturity

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