Flowering Pear Cleveland 15 Gal


Pictures reprsent mature trees.

Naturally growing in a tight symmetrical shape, the Cleveland Pear is the perfect, EASY tree to plant. This low maintenance, fast growing tree has all the beauty of the Bradford Pear without all the headaches.

For best results plant this tree in well-drained soil with direct sunlight. The Cleveland Pear tree grows at an astounding rate. The mature height is 30-40 feet with a 15-20 feet spread. Not only is this tree fast and easy to grow, it is also adaptable to many soil types, drought tolerant and pest resistant.

It tolerates sun to partial shade, but does require several hours of sunlight per day. The Cleveland Pear grows naturally tight and is symmetrical in shape. This keeps branches together which prevents that splitting damage that is so common in the Bradford Pear.

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