Dogwood Cherokee Brave Cornus


Picture represents mature tree.

The Cherokee Brave Flowering Dogwood is a spectacular spring-flowering small tree growing to around 25 feet, suitable as a lawn specimen, planted among other small trees and shrubs, or planted in a natural way along the margins of wooded areas. It is hardy to minus 20, so it can be grown in almost all parts of the country, and it thrives in both cooler and warmer zones. It will grow in most soils and is more drought-resistant than other types of flowering dogwoods. Every spring your tree will be smothered in large, bright pink flowers, making a spectacular display. In fall it will turn brilliant shades of crimson and red, setting the garden ablaze.

Smothered in pink blossoms every spring
Dramatic red fall coloring
Grows well in partial shade and in full sun
Much sturdier and more disease resistant than other varieties
Hardy to minus 20, so grows almost anywhere

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