Crape Myrtle Tonto 6′ Lagerstroemia 15 Gal


Pictures represent mature trees.

Create your own living, outdoor sanctuary with this lovely, colorful tree. You will enjoy the graceful, vase shape and unique light-colored, smooth, peeling bark year-round. In spring, this tree comes to life with emerging shiny, green leaves. Summer brings loads of luscious red-pink blooms. Watch the leaves change a deep red in fall. Friends and neighbors will notice and admire this dwarf tree’s unique, but classic beauty season after season.

You will be shocked at how easy the Tonto Crape Myrtle is to care for. This Crape is disease resistant and rarely suffers from insect damage. After establishing, the Tonto is extremely drought tolerant. Plant it anywhere! This Crape is adaptable to almost any soil. There is no need to prune this variety; it stays small!

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