Crape Myrtle Natchez 6′ White Lagerstroemia 15 Gal


Picture represents mature tree.

Looking for the perfect focal point for your landscape? How about a tree that provides shade AND loads of blooms for up to FIVE months a year?! The Natchez Crape Myrtle does just that and so much more!

Huge, classic white flower clusters adorn this beautifully shaped tree for months. And when the blooming winds down the show doesn’t stop! The lush, green leaves morph into an absolutely stunning display of fiery orange-red in autumn. The smooth cinnamon bark is a delight as it peels in summer revealing a fresh beige bark underneath. It is a beautiful look that gives this tree even more style and flair!

Touted for its pest and disease resistance and it extended bloom time, the Natchez Crape Myrtle is a must-have tree! Add in its drought tolerance and deer resistance and you just cannot pass this tree up! The Natchez is virtually maintenance-free. Just plant this hardy crape myrtle in full sun and any well-draining soil and you are set! No pruning needed to maintain the stunning shape. Let it grow naturally for a fabulous form.

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