Fruit Blueberry Mainely Wild 6″

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Vaccinium angustefoltum ‘Burgundy’
Mainely Wild™ is a ‘Wild Lowbush’ variety with small white blooms that cover the foliage. The tiny flowers mature into small sized light blueberries that grow around the outer edges of the compact shrub making them easy to pick. The flavor of Mainely Wild™ is similar to berries that you would pick in the wild and is delicious in jams, baking or just eaten as they are picked. The foliage is stunning, new growth has bronze leaves of spring which transform to delicate gray-green leaves in summer eventually turning to a deep burgundy in fall. In winter the bright red stems provide contrast to snow. This variety forms a short, dense ground cover as it spreads with underground stems. Ideal as a low border, grown in mass plantings or as an accent. Does not need to pruned every season but two thirds of the growth can be cut back every second or third year.
Zone 3-7.

Full Sun
Height 12-24″
Spread 24-36″

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