Aucuba Saw Toothed Serratifolia 15-18″ 4 Gal


The Sawtooth Aucuba is the answer to the problem of deep shade in your garden. It thrives where all other plants fail, and tolerates more year-round shade than anything you can grow. Yet it is also handsome, with an almost tropical look, and large, glossy green leaves with big serrations along the edges. In winter it can carry a big crop of large red berries that last for months, and in 10 years it will be at least 7 feet tall and wide, reaching about 10 feet in time. Grow it in those dark corners and beds under large trees, or along a dark wall. Use it for a shaded hedge or screen. Nothing beats this beautiful shrub for shade tolerance.

The most shade-tolerant evergreen there is
Big, glossy green leaves with serrated edges
Heavy winter crop of large red berries
Grows well in poor soils and urban gardens
drought tolerant once established
The Sawtooth Aucuba is more cold-resistant than many other forms of the Japanese aucuba, and grows well in zone 6. It thrives in all hot zones, and takes summer heat and humidity well. It grows in any well-drained soil, including poor urban soils and the root-filled soil beneath large trees. After some watering and care during the first years it becomes very drought tolerant, and needs no significant attention. It is usually free of pests and diseases, and deer don’t eat it. A male form of aucuba is needed growing nearby for a good berry crop.

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