Armeria Rose Sweet Dreams Sea Thrift Sea Pink 1 Gal


An Armeria pseudarmeria variety, also known as thrift or sea pinks, Dreameria® ‘Sweet Dreams’ is an herbaceous sub-shrub with a moderately vigorous, compact, tightly mounded growth habit of dark green foliage, forming a basal rosette. The tidy habit works well in borders, mixed beds, and patio pots.

Easy to grow, tough, and low maintenance, Armeria Dreameria® ‘Sweet Dreams’ prefers full sun and dry, well-draining soil but tolerates rocky soils. Fertilize monthly in the garden, biweekly in containers. Water moderately, avoiding excessive moisture. Deadheading spent flowers encourages additional blooms. The plant is heat, drought, salt spray, and frost tolerant and is well-suited suited to rockeries and coastal conditions.

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