4″ HB String of Pearls

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Either grown indoors or outdoors, String of Pearls plants need to be placed in a spot where it can get at least 6 to 8 hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day. But again, you have to find a partially shaded spot to grow this plant outdoors.

If kept indoors, place your String of Pearls in a spot where it can receive plenty of strong natural light, like near an east-facing window. Growing it near a South or West-facing window will also do, as long as you place the plant about 5 to 10-inches away from the window, especially if you live in a hot, desert-like area to prevent it from getting sunburnt. In darker, cooler months, consider moving them to a brighter spot or closer to the window to make sure they get all the light they need per day.

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