Learn how to prune and care for various types of roses

Pruning and Care Tips

All roses need at least six hours of direct sunlight daily and moist well-drained soil. Try not to wet the foliage when watering roses. Apply mulch to conserve moisture.

Feed during the growing season to encourage blooms with a fertilizer blend specifically for roses (Rose-Tone by Espoma). Stop feeding roses at the end of August so as not to encourage new growth too late in the Fall.

Stop pruning at the end of August. Do all major rose pruning when roses are dormant (no leaves) – in late Winter or early Spring. Prune off all weak, diseased, and dead stems. Shape for appearance.

  • Grow approx. 3’ – 4’ wide and tall
  • Plant 4’ apart for good air circulation
  • “Self-cleaning” but they can be deadheaded (remove spent flowers) and trimmed to maintain appearance until the end of August.