Learn how to prune and care for mums

Pruning and Care Tips

Fall mums are often treated as annuals, but can be overwintered with some extra care. Chrysanthemums require full sun (at least six hours) and well-drained soil.

After planting, water mums moderately and allow surface to dry before watering again. Fertilize once or twice during bloom period.

In late Fall after frost, cut down the stalks to 3”-4” and put down some mulch to protect plants for the winter.

In the Spring when plants start to grow, start watering and fertilizing to promote new growth. Mums are heavy feeders. A fertilizer high in phosphate should be applied until flowers begin to bloom.

The time to start pinching mums to keep them compact with abundant flowers is when they are six inches high. Remove the growing tips until July 15th or until flower buds start to show. This will promote a good display of Fall color.