Learn how to prune and care for various types of hydrangeas

Pruning and Care Tips

There are several varieties of hydrangeas with different requirements for sunlight and pruning. However, they all need moist, well-drained soil.

**If you do not know what type of hydrangea you have, it is best to only trim off faded flowers during the season. Only remove dead branches and ones that don’t sprout in mid-Spring**

  • I.e. Endless Summer & Penny Mac
  • Can be lace cap or mophead and can bloom on new wood and old wood.

  • Spent flowers can be trimmed off and will re-bloom during the seasons

  • Trim off any branches that don’t sprout in Spring, but DO NOT cut the plant back. Only prune to shape!

  • Need morning sun and afternoon shade

  • The color of the flowers will be affected by the pH of the soil


  • Acidic soil = Blue flowers

  • Neutral soil = Pink flowers